Microsoft Corporation Licensing Sales Manager in Sydney, Australia

The Licensing Sales Manager leads the development, implementation and execution of licensing sales strategy across Inside Sales, including cross group collaboration with Field, Partner, M&O, Operations, SMS&P, Corporate Compliance, IT, WWLP and the extended US Licensing Community. He/she is a subject matter expert and leader in licensing sales strategies, policies, empowerment and licensing sales execution excellence. He/she also is expected to be an exceptionally strong people leader who deeply understands the Licensing Sales Specialist role, and can effectively motivate the Licensing Sales Specialist team to exceed revenue and scorecard objectives.

Primary job responsibilities include:

Sales Leadership

As a seasoned Sales Leader, you will lead the licensing sales team to exceed all scorecard and revenue targets. In addition to building great sales rigor, you will have a clear view of how we will exceed plan and grow our Volume Licensing business, with deliberate COEs to bridge any gaps. You will:

• Own sales quota responsibility for the overall volume licensing business for US Corporate Accounts.

• Drive license and annuity strategy and planning with licensing management and regional sales management to drive programs, promotions and processes to increase the scale and scope of on premise and cloud volume licensing solutions.

• Drive strong sales rigor through adherence to discounting principles and the MSP process to maximize revenue.

Business Leadership

As a Business Leader in Volume Licensing Sales, you will partner with the Leadership Team to explore new growth opportunities. Evolve/build new selling models/capabilities that will grow the business. You will also be a business partner to our key Stakeholders and be a valued thinking partner in all major decisions impacting Volume Licensing Sales. You will:

• Minimize risk to Microsoft by making business and legal decisions within field sales empowerment guidelines and building business case for exceptions and proposals for resolution.

• Present at senior management level. Develop / contribute to national strategies to maximize annuity licensing revenues, and renewal strategy.

• Implement a deliberate resourcing strategy, and build resource models optimizing both FTE & Vendor resources to optimize capacity.

• Leverage data, analytics and insight to inform business decisions, and improve processes with closed loop accountabilities.

People Leadership

You will:

• Manage, lead, coach and mentor a geographically-dispersed team of Licensing Sales Specialists who facilitate and negotiate complex and customized Licensing deals.

• Build a high-performance sales team and a world class selling culture where our licensing sellers can deliver their best.

• Create a culture of transparency, accountability and inclusion with high standards of performance and a clear alignment between the individual and team deliverables and the business strategy.

• Successfully recruit, hire, develop, and retain the best talent, ensuring a diverse candidate pool for openings and utilizing a diverse group of interviewers.

• Provide leadership broadly across the cross-segment Licensing Sales community, sharing best practices and ensuring a high degree of collaboration between segments.

Customer and Partner Satisfaction

As a voice of the customer with respect to licensing programs and policies, you will:

• Facilitate and contribute to proposals for licensing policy change - conduct analysis and build the business case.

• Champion policies that will provide customer satisfaction or revenue breakthroughs.

• Identify key customer requirements and through participation in field, customer and corporate councils, facilitate that change through the US & licensing teams.

Required Competencies & Skills:

Sales Leadership

• Strong prior experience in managing Sales teams, with a sound track record exceeding revenue and scorecard targets with a focus on Sales Excellence.

• Exhibits an overall passion for sales within a technology environment and for the business value it drives.

People Leadership

• Experience as a seasoned people leader delivering great results through others.

• Demonstrated ability to drive business results in a highly dynamic environment with fluid org structure.

Business Leadership

• Strategic insight and ability to ask effective questions, apply the learning across domains, understand broad business and competitive issues, and relate details to broader contexts.

• Confidence in taking on and solving complex business challenges.

• Ability to enable change and effectively advocate for change where needed, clearly communicating the business rationale for change and to gaining the support of key stakeholders.

Technical/Functional Skills / Volume Licensing Sales Skills

• Possesses highly detailed, thorough understanding of Volume Licensing and Sales, and can apply that knowledge with tremendous effectiveness in the position.

• Has an understanding of Microsoft technologies, Microsoft’s sales channel, volume licensing and product strategy and direction.

Planning, Organizing, Coordinating

• Provides high-level value in helping groups plan, organize, and coordinate their work effectively.

• Develops efficient work plans for complex projects involving many groups, and effectively implements and coordinates these plans.

• Demonstrates a keen understanding of the relationship among various components of large-scale programs that cut across groups, organizing them such that limited resources are used most effectively.

• Is prepared for, anticipates, and effectively deals with problems and roadblocks.

Drive for Results

• Guides others to define all assignments and work problems in terms of results to be achieved.

• Reinforces successful achievement of tangible, intended results.

• Sets high standards for results, and once achieved, raises the standards even higher.

• Focuses others to drive for results, influencing them to persevere when faced with difficulties or setbacks.

• Holds individuals and team accountable for meeting commitments and getting results.

Cross Group Collaboration

• Possesses demonstrable previous successes through influencing, collaborating and sharing & landing ideas and resources

• Able to maintain a bigger perspective, identifying and evaluating opportunities where cross-group collaboration would enhance the business.

• Negotiates agreements with other groups developing service-level agreements and reciprocal commitments.

• Works to break down artificial silos by working with others around shared need or customer benefit.

• Provides incentive for cooperation through goals, measurement, and recognition of desired behaviors, seeking balance of cooperation and individual brilliance.

• Raises team’s awareness of other teams and how they interact with each other.

Strategic Thinking

• Demonstrates keen understanding of the range of issues and range of issues and variables that will impact Microsoft’s future success.

• Has an excellent understanding of how Microsoft products and technology “fit” into the industry overall

• Thinks ahead 18-36 months, projecting trends and devising strategies for Microsoft to capitalize on volume licensing sales opportunities.

• Insightfully recognizes vulnerabilities and competitive threats.

Decision Making

• Makes insightful, timely decisions in difficult, complex situations.

• Uses a mixture of analysis, "business smarts," experience, and judgment to make high-level decisions.

• Helps others think through the likely impact of their decision alternatives.

The qualified candidate will have deep experience within sales organizations; developing the skills and capabilities within their team for immediate and ongoing, long-term success. The ideal candidate will have strong prior experience with Volume Licensing. Candidate should have minimum of BA/BS or equivalent experience, a minimum of 10 plus years of proven solution sales and sales management experience with relevant experience in volume licensing sales, and a track record of working with a wide range of business partners. Previous management experience and excellent verbal and written communication skills with equally good listening skills are necessary.