Arup Regional Learning and Development Consultant in Australia

A career at Arup offers you the chance to make a positive difference in the world. Independently owned and independently minded, we attract a diverse mix of people to work on ground breaking projects around the world.

The primary focus of this role is to lead (and/or participate in) learning and development initiatives through the learning cycle (e.g. needs analysis, design & development, delivery, assessment & evaluation).

The intended audience for these initiatives are internal Arup staff across the Australasia Region (Australia and Singapore).

The scope of these initiatives includes (but is not limited to) learning modules in the following areas: basic financial / commercial / project management, management, information technology, legal, marketing and communications, environmental management systems and consulting/advisory skills.

Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Develop & maintain training courses / materials in conjunction with internal subject matter experts.

  • Ensure internally developed courses are delivering consistent 'messages' that are aligned with the firm's policies, strategies and business plans.

  • Facilitate and deliver informative, interesting and participative learning events /training sessions to internal staff across the region.

  • Where appropriate, design relevant instruments for assessing the learning of course participants.

  • Develop methods for evaluating training course effectiveness, and contribute to the continual improvement of the region's learning and development initiatives.

  • Where necessary, liaise with Arup's Global Learning & Development team and external suppliers to develop / refine suitable learning programs for staff.

Developing Skills, Knowledge and Experience

  • Shares good practices / best practice

  • Provides practical advice and guidance on how development needs can be achieved

  • Recognises best practices and actively promotes their wider use throughout the team/group and beyond

  • Demonstrates extensive knowledge of specialist area(s)

Planning and Organising

  • Sets achievable targets, milestones and objectives for self and others

  • Checks progress against budget and deadlines regularly, acts and reports

  • Has frequent meetings with everyone involved in a project so all are aware of what is expected of them and the part they play in the project as a whole

  • Responds to changes in a structured and ordered way

  • Makes progress on complex issues even when the way ahead is unclear

  • Makes significant changes in own area to meet strategic needs

  • Switches quickly between different levels of thinking to be able to stand back and see the big picture

Thinking and Decision Making

  • Builds on previous work to address new situations

  • Provides innovative solutions to complex problems

  • Considers a variety of options before making a decision and taking action

  • Pulls together diverse information into one overall concept

  • Makes time to review projects, to identify and learn from successes and problems

  • Thinks beyond the immediate task in hand and considers the impact of decisions further down the line

  • Identifies patterns and trends - recommends action

  • Provides in-depth analysis of problems and proposes solutions

  • Brings others in to contribute to solutions

  • Fosters the development of new ideas in others

Commercial Awareness and Acumen

  • Gets things right first time, avoiding rework

  • Suggests ways to improve profitability e.g. by identifying ways to save time or money

  • Seeks advice to avoid ‘re-inventing the wheel’ and so wasting time, effort and resources

  • Shows an interest in Arup financial systems in order to be able to understand the cost implications to the business

Building Customer / Client Relationships

  • Gains a good understanding of the customer’s needs through meeting, discussing, understanding and research

  • Asks questions (possibly challenging) to ensure the customer’s needs will be met by the brief/request

  • Is able to say ‘no’ without damaging the relationship

  • Puts effort into establishing trust and rapport with others

  • Networks with people from other parts of the organisation

  • Liaises with customers, keeps them informed, seeks feedback, listens to complaints and praise, manages expectations and responds appropriately


  • Selects the communication method best suited to achieve the desired result (e.g. telephone, email, face-to-face)

  • Confidently imparts information: confirms details

  • Sets out information in a logical way

  • Articulate, gives clear explanations e.g. of ideas, job procedures to others

  • Listens and questions in order to understand what is really required

  • Adjusts communication style to suit the recipient

  • Checks and proof-reads own written communication before issue

  • Uses every means (visual aids, working models etc.) to make presentations exciting and interesting

  • Identifies the key issues and communicates them concisely and simplyUses language appropriate to the audience: e.g. does not use technical/professional jargon when communicating with people from different disciplines/professions

  • Adapts communication to other cultural styles

  • Asks questions to ensure others have understood what they need to do

  • Explains complex concepts in simple terms

  • Persuades through debate in a non‑adversarial way

Team Working and Leadership

  • Takes responsibility for own actions and their consequences

  • Self-aware, understands role in the team

  • Judges the right time to ask for help and information

  • Expresses own views, but accepts compromises in the interests of the overall situation

  • Gives clear direction on what needs to be achieved, by whom, by when

  • Accessible and approachable to people asking for help and information

  • Relates to and works with people at all levels

  • Treats everyone with respect, irrespective of their level, background or discipline / profession

Skills and Experience

  • Recognised qualification (or significant experience) in Adult Education / Facilitation

  • At least five years of relevant learning and development experience

  • Demonstrated ability to lead an initiative through the learning cycle (e.g. needs analysis, design & development, delivery, assessment & evaluation)

  • Advanced written and oral communication and presentation skills

  • Proficiency in creating quality learning materials (e.g. workshop manuals, job aids, etc.)

  • Ability to develop and maintain strong working relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders

  • Ability to quickly comprehend and assimilate unfamiliar material(i.e. learning content)

  • Commitment to quality with attention to detail

  • Experience with e-learning authoring tools and virtual classroom sessions would be beneficial, but is not essential.

“It is not the wish to expand, but the quest for quality which has brought us to this position… to do work of quality, we must have people of quality. There are many kinds of quality, and there are many kinds of job to do, so we must have many kinds of people, each of which can do their own job well.” Ove Arup, 1970.

Job: Human Resources

Title: Regional Learning and Development Consultant

Location: Australia

Requisition ID: AUS00000W

Other Locations: Singapore-NA-Singapore, New Zealand