BT Security Release Engineer in Australia

K ey Responsibilities:

  • Design, build and maintain CI/CD capability for all platform components.

  • Find opportunities to improve the release engineering framework.

  • Collaborate with developers and tests to ensure artefacts are produced according to our framework.

  • Assist with creating automated tests required to exercise the platform components.

  • Support technical specialist with continuous delivery deployments into customer environments.

  • Assess platform requirements and provide recommendations on how to optimise use of available infrastructure.

  • Coordinate promotion of component versions multiple development, test, staging and production environments.

  • Provide feedback to improve the capabilities of BT’s principal advanced security platforms and offerings.

Authority/Decision Making:

  • Works under broad direction.

  • Receives assignments in the form of objectives.

  • Work is often self-initiated.


  • Required:

  • Great script development skills. Python and Bash preferred.

  • Great understanding of git workflows: branch, tag, pull request, rebase etc.

  • Good Linux administration knowledge.

  • Experience supporting full-stack applications.

  • Experience working in an Agile environment.

  • Desirable:

  • Knowledge of CI/CD platforms and tools.

  • Knowledge of Docker containers.

  • Experience developing command-line utilities or shared libraries.

Job: IT, Systems and Security

Title: Security Release Engineer

Location: Australasia-Australia

Requisition ID: 65246