Bain & Company Inc Innovation Expert in Sydney, Australia

The Advanced Digital & Product Team (ADAPT) was established in early 2017 to address the accelerated pace of change that technology, the proliferation of data and digital have generated. ADAPT is Bain’s newest innovation services and digital solutions team. We built ADAPT to help our clients stay on top of and ahead of disruption. We deliver distinct product (digital prototypes and working software) to our clients. We are global, cut across industries, B2B/B2C and move fast and in synch with our existing strategy teams and other experts (e.g., Advanced Analytics) to deliver integrated outcomes.

The Innovation Expert role requires passion for transformation and an entrepreneurial spirit. Experience in the following areas is highly valued: product management, technology, start-ups, working in Agile and design thinking. Joining ADAPT is an exciting opportunity to build a new and critical capability at Bain. You will work closely with the global ADAPT leadership and the regional Digital, IT and Results Delivery practice teams.

The role will include the following responsibilities:

  • Deliver ADAPT contribution to client successfully (Client results)

  • Bring expertise to enhance ADAPT offering (Distinct expertise)

  • Invest in building inspired team (Teaming inside of the global ADAPT team and with experts, the client teams and other key stakeholders)

  • Help to build/scale a new business: Ops, Talent, Systems (Sustainable business model)

  • Lead ADAPT contribution to delivering client results

  • Broker ADAPT capabilities with Bain case and client teams to deliver on business need

  • Accountable for ADAPT success to ensure high impact results

  • Effectively collaborate and co-create with multiple stakeholders to drive results (e.g., internal practice teams, experts, outside partners, 3rd party vendors)

  • Run the process of experience/product design and development

  • Own seamless relationship with case team: effectively manage ADAPT project and team processes (e.g., work planning, product/experience redesign opportunity identification, product plan development, test design and delivery)

  • Own ADAPT deliverables: clearly define scope and expectations; set and meet deadlines; actively participate in delivering at key milestones

  • Run an integrated ADAPT process to tie together each area of core competency (e.g., user testing, ideation workshops, product design, software development)

  • Lead communications and process which demands heavy collaboration with key stakeholders

  • Manage flexibility required to meet changing client and case team demands; assess impact of those changes on ADAPT contributions and pivot where necessary

  • Commercialize ADAPT offering

  • Participate in client and proposal development

  • Represent ADAPT/Bain as an expert in selling and conversion situations

  • Involve and collaborate effectively with practices on commercialization

  • Support achieving pricing realization for ADAPT

  • Create client impact

  • Create promoters for Bain and for ADAPT at all levels of the client; create reference-able results stories & experiences

  • Bring expertise across ADAPT product portfolio to selling and serving (grow our ‘roster’ of use cases)

  • Use client and team experiences as opportunities to strengthen expertise in areas relevant to ADAPT today and in the future

  • Build an integrated skill set across all of ADAPT areas of competency over time

  • Embrace new ideas/challenges to expand expertise and ADAPT value proposition

  • Develop products/IP

  • Build the ADAPT knowledge base

  • Capture/codify knowledge and learnings from client engagements; use client and case team experiences to codify ADAPT’s ‘playbook’ and strengthen our value proposition

  • Capture results and learnings to fuel a commercially relevant and innovative/thought leading product offering and approach

  • Help build ADAPT’s brand through external reputation building and marketing efforts

  • Build an inspired and high functioning Global ADAPT

  • Invest in the global team building (e.g., cross region experience sharing)

  • Contribute to ADAPT culture creation and take on a team, office or firm initiative

  • Successfully integrate rotational IE team members

  • Serve as a mentor and coach for members of the labs

  • Disseminate and deploy ADAPT internally with positive impact

  • Inspire, teach and collaborate with case teams as we experiment with hybrid expertise model

  • Support positioning ADAPT internally and building awareness

  • Build the ADAPT capabilities of Bain teams and partners; transfer expertise

  • Contribute to building a new function at Bain

  • Play an active role in recruiting, onboarding and integration of new talent

  • Invest in special initiatives and projects that help us scale the function (ops/systems)

  • Master’s degree required with strong academic achievement, MBA preferred

  • Consulting experience strongly preferred, ideally Bain Manager with strong performance

  • Mastery of Bain manufacturing process with ability to seamlessly engage with team and add value no matter where the team is in their case process

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, able to interface across many areas and levels of Bain and client organizations

  • Passion for digital and results focused

  • Ability to rapidly absorb and interpret technical information

  • Ability to manage a team of multiple stakeholders including expert practitioners, in addition to managing elements/work streams for the case team

  • Strong alignment with Bain Operating Principles

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Post: External Career Portal: 3/2/2018

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